The Unnamed Protagonist


Aberdeen, Washington, November 11th, 2001. I was hanging out with one of my friends. His name was Lazarus. The sky was yellow, and we were in the grasslands. I decided to share a joke with Lazarus.

"What's it called when you fall on the ground? You Woah!" Lazarus proceeded to have a heart attack. Lazarus' form then suddenly crumpled and the dust succumbed to the wind. I fell on my knees. I guess I Woahed over his death. I went to tears quickly. My ears burned as I realized the brevity of how fast a being can die. Feeling queasy from my emotions, I decided to walk them off. I couldn't stop thinking of Lazarus. He was a very good friend of mine, gone all over a small joke.

After eleven hours and eleven minutes of walking, I stopped to catch a break. I had so much energy for no reason. I felt anxious over the death of my friend and was afraid I would be sent to hell. I went to go walk further until I saw a yellow house with a red roof. Leading to the house was a concrete pathway with trees on each side. This house was out in the middle of nowhere. Next to the house was a magical-looking man in a yellow mackintosh.

I went inside the house and looked around. The shag carpeting was purple and the walls were yellow. There were two rooms, a restroom, and a kitchen. I found a dirty half soda bottle full of coins. I grabbed it and slid it down my pants. I don't want anyone knowing I took those. I could be sent to hell for this.

I went back outside and I saw the yellow magic man again. I asked him if there's any way I can get away from here.

"The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing." Replied the magic man. I was confused by his response. I've never had someone talk to me like that before. I gave the magic man a quarter to see how he would respond.

"Pursue the Lord and his strength; seek his face always!" The magic man then summoned an Ophanim. I know I can ride an Ophanim to the sky so I hopped on and ascended. The sky is a place other than here so I was fine riding the Ophanim. I then met a mare along the way. I asked where I was headed to.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts him. I was helped, my heart rejoiced, and I thank him with my song." The mare replied. This mare must be related to the magical man I spoke to earlier. I asked why she loved the lord. While the mare's form shifted, squashed, stretched, and moved all about, she said:

"Taste and see how good the Lord is! The one who takes refuge in him is truly happy!" So she must be truly happy with the lord. That's why. The trip was almost over and I saw where I was going. I was going to the cotton candy cumulonimbus clouds.

I got to the cotton candy cumulonimbus clouds. The clouds had blue and pink swirls on them. The ground was very fluffy and soft. It felt like heaven. Maybe I am in a different version of heaven.

I was at a large city in the sky. Pink, purple, and blue buildings made of clay everywhere. The sightseeing was nothing to joke about. My eyes teared up from the beauty of the city. There were many different angel-like beings living life in the city. Probably living it big. There weren't any humans though, which wasn't shocking.

Walking across the city, I found a train station. The train station was very busy with many different-looking beings. I decided to go stand in line. When I got to the Ticketmaster, I was asked to pay up. Ashamed of having anyone see the coins I took, I walked outside of the crowd to grab the money I needed. The moment I got back in line, the train had already passed. I was annoyed but I was fine waiting, given my previous action and its potential consequences. After the crowd cleared up, I paid the Ticketmaster and I boarded the train.

The train was empty. It felt like the train ride was specifically made for me. I felt a bit special. An eyeball with six wings flew down the corridor. The only sign of life I've seen on this train. I asked of its name, it replied with:

"Holy, holy, holy, holy!" I had no idea of what it was hinting at. I went up to the conductor's room and asked who that was.

"Oh, his name is Seraph. He runs things around here." Said the conductor. That cleared up my confusion. He must be the boss of the train.

After 20 minutes, the train stopped. I stepped outside and I saw the shrine of the Lord. I climbed up hundreds of stairs to see his face. I finally got tired when I reached the top of the shrine. Here he was, the lord in his full glory. I asked if I'll be sent to hell for the death of my friend Lazarus and my stealing of the coins. The Lord replied with:

"I forgive you." The lord had a reassuring smile on his face. His smile made me feel comfortable, safe, loved. I asked why I was forgiven.

"You are my child, and I am your father." The revelation surprised me. I then asked the Lord if I could be sent back home. He agreed and sent an Ophanim my way. I was then sent back to Earth.

Back at Earth, I was at the same location I came to heaven from. The magic man was still there, I saw the mare in the air, and I was next to the yellow house once again. I decided to return the coins back but a snake with wings flew out of the bedroom. I apologized for robbing him and he said:

"Those coins are my blessing to you. You used them wisely." Reassured, I decided to give the coins back to the snake for any future travelers in the exact same situation as me. The snake and I had an hour-long discussion about the Lord and it ended with me leaving satisfied with the conversation. I learned to love the aesthetic of the house, trees, and pathway as I left the house. I said bye to the magic man but he didn't reply.

After leaving, I wondered where my friend Lazarus was, I searched high and low until I found a pile of dust. I remembered my encounter with the Lord and wondered if that meant anything to my friend's life considering I mentioned his name. And it did have meaning. My friend's form was rebuilt by the wind. We then shared the same joke and had a good laugh.

Published Nov. 6th, 2021