The Unnamed Protagonist


Taichung, Taiwan, June 13th, 2006. I was being used as a crash test dummy for a new line of vehicles. I tried running away when they came. They got me. Now I’m going to die soon. There’s no escape, or at least so I think.

The solar eclipse was forecasted to appear today, and I didn’t want to miss it. But I’m stuck here at this automobile facility being used as a crash test dummy. I tried looking for a way out when I saw a pirate ship next to me. I used a splinter on the wood to cut the ropes that bound me so tightly.

Now that I’m free, I must find my escape route. I untied the ropes on everybody else and set sail like pirates. Ahead was a vast ocean inside of the automobile facility. I already had an idea of what to do. We push the ship into the water and set sail, like I said earlier.

After we pushed the boat into the water, the automobile repairmen heard the splashes. They tried shooting down our boat, but their rifles were too weak to do any real damage. The ocean was blood-red, and the sky was purple.

On my ship was a walking dynamite detonator. It was going to be used as a crash test dummy like the rest of us. Except I had a suspicious feeling about this dynamite detonator. What if it blows up our ship? I can’t let that happen.

“Are you a dud?” I asked the walking dynamite detonator.

“I guess you could say I have a short fuse...” Replied the dynamite detonator, with an uneasy smile on its face.

“Better not.” I said back.

We were at sea for days now, we started running out of food and water that was packed on the ship. I know the ship was most likely for automobile workers. I felt guilty that we stole from them, but we did what was necessary for our survival. The free food and ship were probably their only other benefit besides healthcare and other insurances.

We saw land in the distance. It looked like we were headed towards Florida inside of the automobile facility. Suddenly, a vortex of water started engulfing our ship. I should’ve realized that we were at the Bermuda Triangle. Unspeakable accidents happened in the Bermuda Triangle, and we were about to be the next victims.

After our boat got stuck underwater. We did find ruins of a lost city. We swam over there, and the city was clear of water. We were thankful for the oxygen that was provided to us by this abandoned city.

We explored the city and found lots of gold, money, and jewelry. “This place must’ve been rich! But why did they die off?” I thought to myself. It was all our lucky day. We took lots of riches and tried finding a way out of the city. However, we couldn’t find the way out after we took the riches because we forgot where the exit was.

In the middle of the city was a stone floor. I knocked on the stone to see if it was hollow and it was. I asked if anyone could break it. Nobody raised their hands. I then saw the dynamite detonator. I asked if it would sacrifice itself for the greater good.

“I wanted to die anyways. This is my glory!” Said the dynamite detonator.

Kaboom! The stone floor blew up. I felt sad about the dynamite detonator’s death, but it lived its purpose: to explode. After the stone floor collapsed, we saw a whole barracks full of weapons and armor. We took the weapons with us and went exploring the barracks.

We searched around the barracks for any more ways out. We did find a door sitting in an empty room. We decided to enter the door and were met with a deep hole. I know it was suicide to go down there but is there any other option? Everybody else chickened out. I jumped.

I felt my body squish as I landed. My entire body exploded into bits and pieces. Only my eyeballs were intact. I then watched as a crow fly over and reassemble my body. I was thankful for the crow’s service.

In the hole, I noticed that there was a window that let me look at the same place I was at earlier. The crash test site was through the window. With all my might, I broke the window open. Alarms sounded and I made a beeline for any way out.

As the automobile repairmen chased me, I grabbed some wrenches as weapons and then faced them, head on. The repairmen tried hitting me on the head with their hammers, but I slammed their temporal lobes with the wrench. They all lay on the floor injured severely. I’ll now call wrenches “Migraine Manifesters”.

Now that I wasn’t being chased, I had a nice chance to relax and sit down. After sitting for a while, I got back up and started walking through the facility. I found a vault door and exited from the automobile facility.

I was now outside. I got to enjoy the solar eclipse like I had wanted to.

Published Nov. 15th, 2021