The Unnamed Protagonist


Chernobyl, Ukraine, January 27th, 2007. I woke up early in the morning. Two Ante Meridiem I'd say. The sky was dark, the air cold, not a sign of life stirring about. As I looked out the window, I asked myself why Chernobyl was rebuilt in the first place. Bah. I can't answer that question. I went outside for a breather and came back inside. I grabbed the television remote and pressed the power button. The news was on, just what I wanted to watch. The news host leered me in the eyes and asked if I knew anything about the new Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster. I freaked out, the television spoke to me. The news host screamed at me:


I tried asking why she was even talking to me but I never got an answer.

I grabbed my car keys and drove on the highway. I saw a dead coyote. Figures I thought, it isn't unusual for dead creatures to lay by the highway. I was on my way to the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. As if seeing a dead coyote wasn't enough, a bird flew right through a billboard sign. I pondered how that's possible but it beat me. The billboard was a toothpaste advertisement, maybe that's why the bird was able to fly through it.

At Chernobyl, nothing seemed wrong initially. I came inside and the power plant appeared to be a prison yard. The moment I walked in, the alarms sounded. This might've been what the news host was asking me about. I witnessed panic and fear. Everyone was running for their life. I wasn't in the mood to run. I heard a plead for help coming from the prison building. Someone else decided to try and help the person who needed help. I wanted to be the one to save the person in need. I then ran over to find the person, despite my mood.

After ten minutes of searching, I finally found the source of the pleads. I kicked down the door. The person appeared to be God. But... The person from earlier tried stopping me. I saw on his shirt, the name "Great Plastic." He wasn't there to help, he was only there to ensnare a God who was in need of help. I got into a fight with Great Plastic, the floor rumbling, the stakes high. I nearly killed Great Plastic as he tried to stop me. Brutal punches were had. Blood had stained the floor. Teeth made the shape of parabolas in the air.

"That's what you get for trying to cross me!" I said.

I held God's hand and ran with him out of Chernobyl. The air started feeling hot and I started to sweat. I was fearing for mine and God's life, I tried running faster but I ran out of stamina real quick. Here I was, stuck in the Chernobyl reactor, no energy left to run, fearing for my life. The air got hot to the point where my skin started burning. After the last rumbles had elapsed, the ground went quiet. I wondered why that happened, I was confused. I looked up and only poots of smoke were left in the air. I was saved, but at the hands of who? I left the Nuclear Plant and the guards let me and God go because of my bravery.

Outside of Chernobyl, god ascended to the sky. I sat in my car and relaxed for a bit. That was a lot to take in, I almost lost my life. Maybe I should cherish my life. The car trip wasn't that bad. The toothpaste billboard advertisement was still there.

I got back home. I was relaxed on my couch when I started to feel sick. I went back outside for some fresh air, maybe that'll cure my ailments. However, my condition worsened. Thank God for my neighbors. My neighbors called 911 and an ambulance came to pick me up.

I was stuck at the hospital, feeling miserable. The staff were kind to me and asked where I was before I was taken to the hospital. I replied with:

"I was at home after coming back from Chernobyl. The air felt really warm so that might have something to do with my illness."

I then passed out. After waking up and still feeling tired, the staff came to talk to me.

"You were in irradiated air."

"Oh no!" I thought. I knew I was gonna have to stay for a long treatment. I was very disappointed. I really wasn't planning on having to deal with a long hospital visit. I then saw an open window. I felt pavement for the last time.

I was in the holy land of the celestial sphere. There, I met God again. I asked why I was sent to that place specifically. God replied with:

"You saved me, so I save you."

My actions have consequences. Good actions have good consequences. That's what I learned. God gave me sleeping pills and sent me back home via train. The train ride felt perfect and there were a lot of sightseeing routes it took.

Back home, I took the sleeping pills and was knocked out for the night. Finally a good sleep.

Published Nov. 3rd, 2021