The Unnamed Protagonist


Dongguan, China, September 4th, 2007. There was a doppelganger of me on the loose. I witnessed many news articles on my doppelganger. I wanted to put an end to this doppelganger and clear my reputation.

I decided to consult the military for help searching for this doppelganger of mine. They must have intel on the doppelganger considering how many crimes he has committed. In fact, they’re probably out looking for the doppelganger right now. I would love to see that doppelganger behind bars in prison. I would visit him every day just to laugh at him.

I was in my car. I played some music and started driving towards the military base. I decided to wear a hat, mask, and coat to hide myself because there were billboards with pictures of the doppelganger on them. I needed to get to the military base quickly.

At the military base, I saw the doppelganger. He was chewing sticky gum and placing it on the tanks and aircraft. “That’s gross” I thought. Why was my doppelganger such a prankster? Maybe there’s someone behind his existence. A prankster must be behind the doppelganger’s existence.

The moment my doppelganger saw me, he ran out of the military base. I tried chasing him, but he was too fast. I did find a dog tag left on the ground by the doppelganger. The dog tag read “Hades’ #1”. “Hades must be the one behind the doppelganger” I thought.

I walked around the military base asking if they knew anything about the doppelganger, all I got were fearful looks and head nodding. While I was looking around, I bumped into someone. The man was at least twelve feet tall, giant, had a huge cigar hanging out of his mouth, and medals so shiny that they almost blinded me. His military uniform was pitch perfect with no visible markings on it.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing here, maggot!” yelled the military man.

“Uh, I’m asking questions about this doppelganger of mine.” I replied.

“Doppelganger? You’re lying, maggot! You were the one who disrupted military operations!” screamed the military man.

The military man puffed a big cloud of smoke in my face and grabbed me by the arm. While coughing, I was extremely confused and dazed. I couldn’t make out what the military man was saying but I did hear him yelling. The cigar the military man was smoking was incredibly strong.

Eventually I was placed into a room and strapped to a chair. I knew I was about to get interrogated. Then, the military man slammed a Swiss army knife on the table and started asking me questions.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” yelled the military man.

“I was asking questions. I swear.” I replied in a defeated voice.

“You were chewing gum like a child and then sticking it on our aircraft and tanks. Damn fool! I hate fools like you. People these days are not normal at all.” yelled the military man.

“I didn’t do any of that, it was a doppelganger of mine.” I replied.

“Oh, and is that doppelganger you!?!?” yelled the military man.

“No.” I replied in a soft voice.

“Secondly, why the hell were you encroaching on military territory? You idiot.” yelled the military man.

“I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to enter this military base” I replied.

“Well, you’re about to learn yer damn lesson.” the military man screamed.

The military man pulled a rocket launcher out of nowhere and took aim right at my chest. Suddenly, a military personnel came in and urged the military man to stop.

“Why must I stop. His soul is mine.” the military man said.

“We can use him for labor.” replied the military personnel.

“Eh, okay. We’ll take him in then.” said the military man.

I was saved. I thanked the military personnel that came in to save my life. He didn’t bat an eye towards me. I was then brought outside of the room I was strapped in and cuffed. I wonder what labor the military had in store for me. I hoped it wasn’t any backbreaking labor.

I was brought over to a bunch of rocks and given a pickaxe.

“Start digging, and if you even consider stopping; I will blind you with my medals.” yelled the military man.

I promptly started breaking the rocks with my pickaxe. It was very sunny and hot out. I was sweating a lot, enough to dehydrate me quickly. I asked for some water, but the military man, with a mean smile, turned his medals towards my eyes, and I looked away quickly to avoid being blinded.

Suddenly, I saw an angel with a sword come down and reach out for me. I grabbed the angel’s hand and was ascending into the air. The military man did not like this, and he tried burning the angel’s wings with the glare from his badges. Luckily the angel knew how to maneuver in the air.

I was now in a heaven. I had the cuffs removed from me. I looked for the dog tag in my pocket. The dog tag was still there. I read “Hades’ #1” again. I now know that the doppelganger is probably from hell.

Published Dec. 22nd, 2021