The Unnamed Protagonist


Tangshan, China, November 29th, 2003. I was in a HD Supply store, and I needed to get up to a heaven I went to when I died. I had no idea of how to get up to heaven. My mission right now was to talk to a god on how and why I died. My next idea on how to get to the heaven, is via Ophanim. But sadly, I have no idea on how to find or access an Ophanim for myself. I had less than twenty-four hours to get back to the heaven I was in.

Suddenly, the store I was in flooded. Electric eels came swimming through the water. I dodged the electric eel attacks and swam out of the HD Supply store. I watched as water continued to flood the area I was in. Eventually, the entire area was flooded with ten feet of water.

The entire city was flooded. This held me back because I was a bad swimmer. Any time I swam I could barely make it to where I wanted to. I had to man up and start swimming anyways. I had no time to waste.

I thought about going back to the trapezite bank since it could possibly be open again. The trapezite bank could easily send me to a heaven where I could get a ride to the heaven I originally went to. Now that was my plan.

Suddenly, a whole bunch of pink dolphins came swimming out of nowhere. The pink dolphins tried eating me, but I eventually landed myself a ride on one as it was struggling to get out of my grasp. It was a nice free ride through the water for me.

The dolphin took me over to an Arby’s where I ordered some food. The dolphin immediately became my friend, and all the other dolphins became neutral with me. The dolphin and I enjoyed the Arby’s we ordered and went back to swim. Except something was wrong with the water. It was starting to get boiling hot.

The dolphin and I went onto an abandoned church’s roof to avoid the boiling hot water. We planned to wait for the water to stop boiling for about a half an hour. The steam from the water was burning us too, which was bad because my dolphin friend isn’t used to those kinds of conditions. I hoped that the dolphin wouldn’t die as it was my only ride through the water.

After only ten minutes, the water stopped boiling and the air started feeling very cold. The water started freezing over so I could walk on it. I thanked the dolphin for its service and let it go do whatever it wanted to. Luckily, the dolphin followed me. Just in case the water unfroze, I could ride on the dolphin again.

Police officers came to arrest me. They took the gold chain out of my pocket and threw me in the back of the police car.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“You were supposed to be boiled by the water, what’s what you didn’t do.” the police officer replied.

I didn’t do anything against the law. Why did I have to be boiled by the water? I then looked and saw the dolphin getting arrested as well. The dolphin was thrown into the police car as well. Then, the police car got moving.

The dolphin and I were brought into the police interrogation room where one of the officers talked to us.

“Hello, I heard you two weren’t boiled in the water, is that correct?” asked the officer.

“Yes, we weren’t boiled in the water. But why must we be boiled in the water?” I replied and asked.

“We got your gold, we put your tail, in the county jail.” replied the officer.

What does that mean? I have no tail to put in the county jail. I am a human after all. Humans don’t have tails at all, unless they don’t think I’m human.

Suddenly, the county jail flooded. I was able to swim free with my dolphin pal. Thank goodness for the flooding, I thought it would hold me back, but instead it saved my soul from eternal damnation.

“I have an Ophanim we can take back to heaven.” the dolphin said.

“Perfect! I was actually needing that.” I replied.

The dolphin swam me out of the county jail, and we were freed from whatever horrors lie within that place. The dolphin then swam me back over to Arby’s where we got some more food. All of the commotion from earlier made us hungry. Then, we went over to the hotel where the dolphin kept his Ophanim at.

‘ After riding the Ophanim, I was back in the heaven I was originally at. Now all I had to do was ask the god of the heaven I’m in why and how I died.

Published Dec. 23rd, 2021