The Unnamed Protagonist


Kathmandu, Nepal, October 26th, 2005. I was finally back in the heaven I was originally transported to after death. I needed to talk to the god of the heaven about how and why I died. The heaven I was in was confusing to navigate, as I was fairly new to this place. I had only been here maybe once before. I don’t remember exactly. I then found a library, which means I can maybe find my way around this heaven with help from the books in there.

I tried to access the library, but the door was locked. I looked through the windows and the lights were on. Were they trying to exclude me from the library? There was a rock near the window. I grabbed the rock and bashed it right through the window, causing glass to go flying. Some of the glass hit my skin and drew blood.

I was finally in the library. Everyone was giving me dirty looks, then they got back to reading their books. The library ran over to me, put her pointer finger over her lips, and made a shh sound so loud that it shook the library. Ironic coming from a librarian.

I looked around for books on the current god of this heaven. Then, I saw a book with an eye on it. The book piqued my interest immediately. I ran over to grab it, but I was grabbed by the arm and yelled at not to run in the library.

“Jesus, okay. I’ll calm down.” I said.

I grabbed the book and walked over to one of the tables and sat down. The book was very interesting, it was about an eyeball god that ran this place. “Wait, that’s who runs this heaven?” I thought. I recognized that eyeball god from before. I had in fact been to this heaven before.

After reading that book, I knew exactly where I had to go to find the god’s temple. It was a place called tidal tempest. The temple was under water, so I had to make sure I was ready for some swimming. I decided the best course of action would be to go over to a store and buy some scuba diving gear. I had ten dollars on me but I’m sure I could afford the scuba gear; this is heaven after all.

I had to find a store that sold scuba diving gear. My best bet was going to the fishing store. They are sure to have tons of water gear, including scuba diving gear and merchandise like that. I then walked around the city, looking for the scuba store. There were angels and wandering souls moving about the city. Everyone looked at peace and in tranquility.

I finally found the fishing store. The store was named “Ring Screwdriver”. Whatever that meant, I don’t know. I then walked into Ring Screwdriver.

In Ring Screwdriver, there were many fishing poles. The place even had a seafood buffet and an aquarium for people to watch. This must’ve been a place of my dreams. I couldn’t fathom the beauty of this place. I couldn’t believe my current reality.

I looked around Ring Screwdriver and found the scuba diving set I needed. The scuba set only cost five dollars and the buffet cost five dollars no tax. I could eat and buy my scuba diving set. Heavens are perfect. I grabbed the scuba diving set and went up to the cashier.

“Hello, what can I do for you today?” asked the cashier.

“I’d like to purchase a meal ticket and this scuba diving set.” I replied.

“Excellent choice, Mr.” the cashier replied.

I got my scuba diving set and meal ticket. I went into the restroom to change into my cool new scuba diving gear. I then went over to grab a plate at the buffet and pick my food. The food looked delicious, with octopus, crab, fish, shellfish, you name it. I decided to grab some octopus and sit down.

The table I was sitting at was wobbly and made of wood. I was worried it would fall apart if I leaned on it. I then ate my octopus and went for seconds. This time, I grabbed some crab and fish. I sat down at the table, forgetting about what I had thought of earlier. I leaned on the table a bit and it went crashing down.

“Oh, did you accidentally break the table?” asked one of the waitresses.

“Yes, on accident.” I replied.

“Aww, we’re sorry. Get out now!” said the waitress in a quick voice.

I was swiftly kicked out of the buffet and store. But I got what I wanted, and I got to eat as well. I then traveled through the city over to the Tidal Tempest.

At the Tidal Tempest, it was busy. Many people had the same idea as me, scuba diving. Except, my reason was different, I needed to speak to the god. I was super close to being able to speak to the eyeball god about how and why I died. I then navigated the Tidal Tempest.

I was able to breathe because of my scuba diving gear. Thank the gods for scuba diving’s existence. I was able to navigate my way through the Tidal Tempest without drowning. I eventually found the eyeball god’s temple.

In the eyeball god’s temple, there was actual air. The water wasn’t flooding the temple. I saw the eyeball god and went up to question it.

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“You were killed by your doppelganger with a dagger. You died for a very important reason, however. I don’t have much time left; you’ll see when it happens.” said the eyeball god.

I looked around at the temple and it was cracked and starting to fall apart. Not to mention, I’ve seen blue star pillows eating the clouds of this heaven. “Does this have anything to do with the eyeball god not having much time left?” I thought. I will have to figure out what the eyeball god meant by not having much time left. But now, I have clarification on how I died.

Published Dec. 23rd, 2021