The Unnamed Protagonist


Delhi, India, May 25th, 2003. There’s a yellow demon attacking the heaven I’m in. The god of the heaven is trying to die in peace, and it is my duty to let it die in peace. The yellow demon must be out for the eyeball god’s blood because the demon has blood around its mouth. The demon most have attacked numerous other heavens, in search for the blood of gods.

“Hey punk, if you know what’s best for you, get out of here!” the yellow demon exclaimed with a crooked grin.

“No, I’m letting that god die in peace!” I exclaimed.

“Sorry bud, that god is mine!” the yellow demon exclaimed.

The yellow demon grabbed me by the shoulders and flew me up in the air. I was then dropped onto the cloud, hurting my entire body. I felt like I was paralyzed, I could barely move at all. Then, I watched as the yellow demon started eating the clouds. The demon was trying to destroy the heaven as well.

I got up and ran as fast as I could to the Tidal Tempest, the eyeball god’s temple. I had to run through the city. Everyone in the city was oblivious to their fate. I wondered what would happen to the angels and people if the god and heaven dies.

I took my scuba diving gear and hopped into the Tidal Tempest. The place was flooded with water and had military personnel scattered about underwater. The eyeball god must’ve learned that a yellow demon was out to consume him, so he needed protection. Suddenly, I was stopped by one of the military personnel.

“Halt! Who goes there?” the military personnel asked.

“I’m here to help the eyeball god rest in peace. I’m here to stop the yellow demon.” I replied.

“Proceed, but you better give that god comfort. I swear, these will be his last moments alive.” replied the military personnel.

I went down through the Tidal Tempest, into the eyeball god’s temple. The water wasn’t flooding the temple at all, letting me take off my scuba diving gear. All I could hear from the temple was coughing and wheezing. That must be the eyeball god on its deathbed.

“Hey, how are you doing?” I asked, as my voice echoed across the temple.

“Not well. I’m close to dying. I have a favor to ask you.” replied the eyeball god.

“What is that favor?” I asked.

“I want you to go and grab me a giant watermelon, I’m hungry and this will be my last meal. Please find me one of the juiciest, ripest watermelons. I beg of you.” replied the eyeball god.

“But won’t the yellow demon find you? I’m here to make you die in peace and try to protect you. I don’t want to you die not under my watch.” I asked the eyeball god.

“It’s almost my time to go anyways. It’s just a matter of time before the yellow demon finds us. Luckily, my temple is well-hidden which means that punk of a demon won’t find me easily.” the eyeball god replied in a raspy voice.

I then set out to find the watermelon the eyeball god wanted so badly. I knew there was a watermelon patch behind the city. The watermelons there were huge, so it would be difficult to bring the watermelon back. Luckily, I was very strong. I could bring the watermelon back with some difficulty, but it’s not impossible for me.

I traversed through the city, but this time, everyone was cowering in fear. They must have seen the yellow demon. I don’t blame them for being afraid, that yellow demon is complete evil. Evil in its purest form.

I eventually found the watermelon patch. The watermelons were sitting in puddles of mud. I went up to each watermelon and knocked on it. If the watermelon sounded hollow when I knocked on it, then it was ripe. A lot of the watermelons were not ripe, except for one. I grabbed that one watermelon and heaved it up onto my back.

It was difficult to walk with a giant watermelon on my back. But this is what I must do for a dying god. I carried the giant watermelon throughout the city. Some of the angels and people asked if I was crazy because I wasn’t running from the yellow demon. I wasn’t afraid of the demon; I was afraid of what it would do to the eyeball god.

I finally got back to the Tidal Tempest. I had to roll the watermelon down the walls because it was trying to float. But I eventually got the watermelon down into the gods temple. I continued to hear coughing and wheezing from the temple, but it was getting worse. The eyeball god must be very close to death now.

“I got you your watermelon!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, thank you so much. Let me grab my knife and cut it open, you can have some of it too.” replied the eyeball god.

The watermelon was eaten by the eyeball god and me. The watermelon was delicious. I completely forgot about the yellow demon until it busted through one of the walls.

“Hey punk! That god is mine now.” the yellow demon said as it was licking its lips.

“Here, take my power as I rest!” the eyeball god yelled at me.

A bright white beam of light came shooting out of the eyeball god, the beam hit me right in the chest. My entire body burned and hurt from the beam. But then I felt powerful, like I could fight the yellow demon.

“Hey, get over here punk, you’re mine now.” screamed the yellow demon.

The yellow demon and I clashed for hours straight. Lots of blood was shed and the yellow demon tried licking the blood off my wounds, but I slapped it in the face to prevent that. But then, I grabbed the yellow demon by the jaw and pulled its mouth open too wide. The yellow demon died after that killing blow. The demon blew up into a bunch of colorful fireworks.

The eyeball god was very close to dying. It was on its last legs. I asked if the eyeball god needed anything.

“Please grab me my blanket. I’m getting cold.” the eyeball god replied.

I placed a blanket over the eyeball god. Then, the god closed its eyes. The eyeball god is dead now, and I have its power. The eyeball god suddenly disappeared. I felt like crying, it was sad to see a god die. Thankfully, the eyeball god died in peace.

I heard rumbles coming from underneath me. The temple was falling apart. This must mean the heaven was dying as well. I hurried through the Tidal Tempest to get out of the place.

The entire heaven was starting to decay, the clouds were losing their fluffiness, the buildings were falling apart. Angels and people were leaving on their Ophanims. I knew where I wanted to go next.

I flew over to the god graveyard. I looked around for the eyeball god’s grave. I then found the grave, sitting there, stone cold.

Rest in peace, Eyeball God.

Published Dec. 24th, 2021