The Unnamed Protagonist


Patna, India, November 13th, 2003. I needed to get a heaven built. Having a heaven built is the first step to godhood. The first people I should consult are construction workers. They know a thing or two about building, maybe even the construction of heavens. Construction workers were my best bet. And I know where a construction company is located, which is a bonus. Granted, it will take me a long time to get there as it is hundreds of miles away from me. The construction company I knew of had workers who were divine, maybe they could build a heaven for me. I’ll just have to put their abilities to the test.

The divine construction company is known to possess god-like construction powers. They weren’t cheap though, and there was something they wanted you to collect before they build you anything. I forgot what they wanted you to collect. Something about the world? If I recall correctly.

I travelled through the desert first, since that was the first place I had to travel through. There was a pyramid I had to enter to teleport over to the next area I needed to be in. The pyramids in this desert were weaponized and there’s a guard watching over the pyramids, so I had to be sneaky. I could easily get thrown off track if I do get caught.

I traveled for miles before I reached the desert. I could hear vultures screeching in the air, and the wind blowing. The air was a bit dusty which made my eyes burn a bit. I pulled out a pair of goggles from my backpack and put them over my eyes. The goggles helped a bit with the eye burning. I then traveled through the desert.

I got thirsty, so I tried drinking some water from the cactuses. I immediately regretted drinking the cactus water. The cactus water tasted horrible, and it made my mind go nuts. I couldn’t stop seeing things in my vision and I kept hearing people talk to me. It was a horrible experience.

After a day of hallucinations, I finally recovered. I had to urinate a lot. I then found a water tap in the middle of nowhere. I ran over to the water tap and drank to my heart’s content. The water tasted like lemon, and it was sugary tasting. I eventually got back to travelling to the pyramids.

I finally got to the pyramids. There were spotlights that sat on the side of the pyramids, scanning the environment for any intruders. I tried evading detection, but I was spotted easily by the light. Then, I heard an eagle screeching.

A giant cloud of dust came over to attack me. It was accompanied by a whole bunch of smaller dust clouds. All of the dust clouds had a face, and they were grinning at me. The small dust clouds came to attack me while the giant dust cloud watched. I spun around with my arms out to kill the small dust clouds. Then, the dust from the small dust clouds flew back over to the giant dust cloud and made it grow in size. The giant dust cloud then smiled and flexed at me with its arms.

I decided enough was enough. I used my power to electrocute the giant cloud of dust. The dust cloud screamed in agony as I watched it suffer from electric shock. The dust cloud started turning red and then it vanished into thin air. The dust in the air also went away so I could take off my goggles and finally see normally.

The pyramids started shooting at me with their gatling guns the moment I killed the giant dust cloud. Luckily, I was fast enough to evade the bullet fire. I ran into the pyramid, safe from the bullets. What a dangerous moment for me.

I was inside the pyramid. The inside was very technologically advanced and the place had blue neon everywhere. The ambient temperature was cold, yet there were servers everywhere. I enjoyed the cold temperature as the outside was very hot.

There was a portal in the middle of the room. It was glowing blue and green. I knew to hop into it because I’ve read up on this place before. The portal brings me closer to the divine construction workers. I then proceeded to jump into the portal, pinching my nose as it was made of liquid.

I fell from the sky. I landed on a small trampoline which helped me fall properly. The place was a green ocean, with emerald-colored sand. I started to get exhausted so I decided to look for a place to go nap at. I had three options, a tree, the sand, or a cave. I decided to pick the cave to sleep in because it was dark and it’s better to sleep in the dark.

Here I am, still on my quest to get my heaven built.

Published Dec. 24th, 2021