The Unnamed Protagonist


Harbin, China, October 17th, 2000. I was on my quest to get my heaven built. I need to find my way over to a divine construction company and ask them to build me a heaven. Having a heaven is the first step to godhood. I had the power of a god, so why not be a god?

I was at an emerald-colored beach. The water was a pristine green and the sand was shiny emerald. The scenery was beautiful. I had fallen asleep in one of the caves, so I had to wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready to go. Behind the beach was a rainforest filled with giant mushrooms. The mushrooms acted as trampolines which would help me navigate the rainforest. I then travelled over to the rainforest, since that was the next location I needed to pass through.

A pig with a doctor’s outfit stopped me.

“It’s too dangerous to go alone, take me with you now!” screamed the pig doctor.

“Okay, okay, Jesus Christ.” I replied.

I walked into the forest and the pig doctor followed suit. I had to dump green sand out of my shoes because I was wearing old shoes. The sand in my shoes made me uncomfortable when I walked. It felt like little sharp shards of glass poking my skin.

I was in the rainforest.

“You know, we could eat these mushrooms.” the pig doctor told me.

The pig and I ran towards the mushrooms and started eating them. They had a buttery cooked flavor, like they had been on the stove. They were absolutely delicious. The best mushrooms I’ve ever had, besides the ones from Arby’s.

The pig doctor and I continued to travel through the rainforest, eating mushrooms along the way. We found monkeys with blue faces and red eyes. They tried scratching us, but we ran faster than them. The pig doctor on the other hand, ran a bit slower than me so he got scratched a few times.

There was a ledge we had to climb up onto to get out of the rainforest. Luckily, there was a mushroom below the ledge we could use as a trampoline to get up onto the ledge and leave. The pig doctor and I jumped on the trampoline mushroom and finally exited the rainforest.

After climbing on the ledge, we encountered a large factory. The factory created apples and honey. I doubt the apples and honey were actually edible though. How does one create apples? You can just find apples on a tree. We then traveled into the factory.

The factory was filled with flies. The flies were probably at the factory to eat the honey and apples. Some of the flies got stuck in the honey and died, gross. We kept travelling through the factory anyways, batting away flies that were trying to bite us. The flies grew in numbers around the exit of the factory.

I looked behind me and saw that the pig doctor had been sucked dry of his blood. His skin was a pale periwinkle color, and his expression was horrified, with his mouth hanging open and his tongue sticking out. I was horrified by the situation. I burned all the flies using my hands and gave the pig doctor some life force back. He was weak but he was back to being alive.

We quickly exited the factory into an ice volcano. Even though the volcano was made out of rock, snow, and ice, the ambient temperature was still extremely hot. There was a man with electricity for hair and was wearing an eye visor.

“Yeah man, wassup?” asked the electric man.

“Nothing much. Just trying to get my way over to the divine construction workers.” I replied.

“Aww crap man. I can help you with that. I have a nice big truck I can ride y’all in.” said the electric man.

I was shocked by this. No pun intended. A free ride from a stranger. I feel like I could trust him because of his very friendly demeanor. I decided to trust the electric man anyways.

I hopped into the electric man’s truck, along with the pig doctor. We drove up the ice volcano into the core. The ambient temperature quickly changed to be very cold. Blue fire was also present within the core of the volcano.

The divine construction workers were located in this here volcano. It was only a matter of actually finding which building they were in. There was a giant plaza inside of the volcano, which meant that the construction workers could be in any of the buildings.

We looked around but to no avail, then a person with a purple hardhat walked out of one of the buildings.

“I heard you were seeking our services.” said the man with the hardhat.

“Why, yes. I’m looking to have a heaven built.” I replied.

“You’re going to need to find the four world rings, that’s all you need to do. The construction cost has been waived because of your powers.” said the man with the hardhat.

“But how do you know about my powers?” I asked.

“We’ve heard a lot about you. We’ll just keep it as simple as that.” the man with the hardhat replied.

I now know what to do to get my heaven built. I have to find the four world rings and return them to the divine construction workers.

Published Dec. 25th, 2021