The Unnamed Protagonist


Lanzhou, China, April 6th, 2008. I was on the hunt for the four world rings. But sadly, I did not know where the world rings were. I was only told of them, not their location. Those divine construction workers who told me about them need to be more descriptive. I tried asking the divine construction workers, but they shrugged like they had no idea. I had to find literature on where they were. The four world rings are required to build a heaven for me.

My first bet was to go to the library. Specifically, the collectibles section of the library. That section of the library holds a whole plethora of knowledge on things around this world you can collect, hopefully the world rings included.

I had a pig that was wearing a doctor’s outfit as a friend. I asked him if he wanted to go with me, but he decided to stay behind because he liked the temperature of the ice volcano we were in. He also told me he wanted to learn pyrokinesis because he enjoyed watching the blue fire roar. I decided to teach the pig doctor pyrokinesis as a kind gesture. Pyrokinesis was one of the powers I received when I gained the powers of a god, sadly, I’m not a god yet. But that will change soon.

I left the ice mountain and backtracked where I had gone to find the divine construction workers. It took a while to go back to where I was originally, but I eventually made it back. I knew where the local library was, so I started heading towards there.

There was a woman who started following me. She was wearing a yellow hat and red clothing. I asked what the woman was doing following me. I was instantly ignored, and she kept following me. I then asked again why she was following me. Suddenly, the woman exploded into a bunch of mosquitoes, and they all started flying towards me.

I had to run away from the mosquitoes. My pyrokinetic powers have been recharging since I taught the pig doctor pyrokinesis earlier. But the pig doctor came to my rescue. Apparently, he had been following me since I left, without me knowing it. The pig doctor blasted the mosquitoes with fire, and they all dropped to the ground in agony as they burned to a crisp.

“I’m not letting you die to bugs like I did.” the pig doctor told me.

We set foot towards the library, together. We chit chatted along the way, saw some sights to behold, and went to eat some food. We became good friends. It was a long journey to the library, just like it was finding the divine construction workers.

We had to travel through the graveyard of heroes. The graveyard of heroes is where legendary heroes are buried. It was an honor and a blessing by a god to be buried here. The pig doctor and I honored the dead and passed through peacefully. It was amazing witnessing many heroes congregated in one spot.

The next area we had to pass through was a minefield. I had some paper plates in my backpack that I could throw on the mines. I caught a few mines, but I was still skeptical over the locations of the mines. Suddenly, a train went barreling through the minefield. It ran over several mines, blowing up the train but also making us a pathway.

We finally crossed the minefield. We were now at an aquarium. The aquarium was strange because it had land animals swimming in the water, along with random fish meant for eating, not sights. The pig doctor and I swam into the water and grabbed some salmon to eat raw. The flavor was delicious because the salmon were farmed and not wild.

After twenty minutes of eating fish, we got back on track to the library. Now it wasn’t that far away. All we had to do was cross an old bridge over a canyon, and we’d be there. The bridge was almost too unstable for us to walk across but eventually we made it to the other side. We then entered the library.

At the library, it wasn’t crowded at all. There were only a few people reading. We went over to the collectibles section and looked for any literature pertaining to the world rings.

“Bingo!” I exclaimed.

I found just what I was looking for. The title of the book read “The World Rings”. I flipped through the book, looking for where the four world rings are located.

“The location of the four world rings are as follows: A Taco Bell, the North Pole, an Alcohol Brewery, and Planet Prism. The Taco Bell is heavily guarded, and Planet Prism is in ruins.” the book read.

Now I know where the four world rings are.

Published Dec. 25th, 2021