The Unnamed Protagonist


Lucknow, India, June 3rd, 2000. I was on the hunt for the second world ring with my friend, the pig doctor. I already had one world ring, and there were three more I needed to collect. The next location I had to go to for a world ring was an Alcohol Brewery. I was expecting there to be a lot of drunken workers trying to harass us there. I also think the pig doctor is excited. The moment I mentioned “Alcohol Brewery”, he jumped in joy like he wanted to have a few drinks.

I had some errands to run before I went to the alcohol brewery. My brother wanted lunch, so I had to go to the grocery store, and I needed to renew my gym membership. After doing those errands, I could go to the alcohol brewery and find the second world ring.

I hopped into my car with pig doctor and my brother. As we drove over to the grocery store, we heard a lot of commotion. Along the way to the grocery store, we witnessed a severe car crash. I decided to help save the person in the car crash from dying by taking them out of the burning vehicle. I was easily able to pull the injured person out of the vehicle due to my sheer strength. Then, we got back to driving.

We were finally at the store. My little brother and the pig doctor asked for a roast beef sandwich, so I grabbed a bunch of wrapped ones from the deli and bought them. I also needed to buy stuff for my dinner tonight, so I went to go get a few bags of hamburger patties and some French fries. I made sure to get extra groceries because the pig doctor was staying over, and he eats a lot of food. Dinner was soon as well; I hope my brother and the pig doctor saved room in their stomachs for burgers tonight.

I then went back on the road and started driving to the gym. My brother and the pig doctor made a huge mess with their roast beef sandwiches. Guess who had to clean the mess. Me. We got to the gym, and I had to clean up the mess they made with their food. But eventually, the mess did get cleaned up.

The pig doctor, my brother, and I went into the gym. Gym membership renewal cost twenty dollars a month which was fairly cheap. I paid with my debit card. I had room for two guests on my gym membership, so I let my brother and the pig doctor on my account. We all walked into the gym.

In the gym, there were a whole bunch of muscle men drinking alcohol and playing loud music. Drinking alcohol in a gym is dangerous because of all the heavy weights. One bad mistake and your exercising life could be over without a moment's notice. The pig doctor tried asking for some alcohol, but I told him no. It was for his own good.

The pig doctor and I went over to the free weights while my brother ran over to the treadmill. I maxed out the entire Olympic bar with weights and lifted. The weight felt like almost nothing. I have the power of a god, but still no godhood status. I then left the gym and drove back home.

Back at home, I cooked burgers and fries. I made a sauce out of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, thousand island dressing, and onions for the burgers.

“These are some mighty fine burgers you made. What’s your recipe? Oink, oink.” asked the pig doctor.

“Oh, it’s a secret. It's the sauce that gives it the flavor, and the grease that gives it the juiciness.” I replied.

“Well, thank you for the amazing meal. You’re an amazing friend to me. In fact, you’re one of the only friends I have, besides someone who I won’t name. The other person I’m friends with will shock you when you meet him.” replied the pig doctor.

I was excited to meet the pig doctor’s other friend. But how? I decided not to think of that and instead got ready to go to the alcohol brewery. I’m not bringing my car just in case I have a drink or two. So, my brother, the pig doctor, and I all walked over to the alcohol brewery.

At the alcohol brewery, there were tons of drunk workers. One tried punching me, but the pig doctor punched him with a fist of fire. The drunken man stumbled away in shock. The pig doctor then opened his mouth and ran over to alcohol being poured into a vat. The pig doctor got drunk immediately.

The further we traveled through the alcohol brewery, the harder the liquor smelled. The smell was nauseating. But I eventually got to the back of the factory, where a ring box was located. Inside the ring box was a ring with a blue diamond on it. And, here I am, with two world rings and two left to find.

Published Dec. 25th, 2021