The Unnamed Protagonist


Johannesburg, South Africa, February 17th, 2009. I had to find the third world ring. The third world ring is located in the North Pole. I already had two world rings, I just needed to more to get my heaven built. Getting my heaven built is the first step to godhood. The weather is extremely cold at the North Pole but it’s worth it for the world ring.

I had airplane tickets to the North Pole, two to be exact. I decided to take my friend, the pig doctor, with me. The pig doctor was extremely excited to go to the North Pole. The North Pole was a place of dreams for the pig doctor. Not for me though, as I have already been there.

The pig doctor and I got into my car, and we started driving towards the airport. We felt an instant temperature change as we went across the cities. I had to grab my coat from the back of my car and wear it, the temperature started getting so cold. I then got to the point where I was shivering.

The pig doctor and I finally got to the airport. Something felt off about the airport though. The ground was shaking and rumbling. Suddenly, the airport grew a pair of legs and started running from me. I hopped back into my car, revved the engine, and put the petal to the metal. I wasn’t going to let that airport get away from me.

I used my pyrokinesis powers to make the car go faster. I increased the rate of combustion in the vehicle so the rotational speed of my tires would increase. My vehicle was going about eighty-eight miles per hour. I accidentally hit a sign that read “past” with my car. All of a sudden, my car started glowing a hot white light and then I was teleported back over to the airport. The airport lost its legs and stopped moving. I approached the airport this time and nothing happened.

As I walked into the airport, the temperature changed to be cozy. I took my coat off and held it in my arms. The pig doctor wanted a snack from one of the stores, so I gave him twenty dollars and let him eat to his heart’s content. While the pig doctor went to go eat, I needed some rest. I fell asleep on one of the couches at the airport. The couches were surprisingly comfortable.

I woke up the next morning. I felt energized and ready to deal with the hassle of boarding airplanes. The pig doctor woke up on the couch next to mine.

“You ready to go to the North Pole? I’m excited to go!” the pig doctor exclaimed.

“Yes, I am ready. We board the plane in an hour.” I replied.

I had to go use the restroom. There was a long line of people waiting to use the restroom which means I ran the risk of soiling my pants. Luckily, the next flight was announced, and many people left the line. Now it was only me waiting in line. Then, the person who was using the restroom finally finished up. I could go use the restroom now.

As I sat on the toilet, I saw a black star floating around in the bathroom, trying to peep into my stall through the cracks. I hid myself well so I couldn’t be seen. The black star then floated away. I left the restroom after that.

It was almost time to board the flight. I called the pig doctor over and we boarded the plane. The weather outside was still very cold, but hopefully the plane would help with that. I put on my jacket and walked over to my seat on the plane. The plane then took off.

Our plane ascended to the air quickly. The plane was flying extremely fast. I tried asking for some food, but the waitresses ignored me. Then, the pig doctor asked for some food.

“What kind of snack would you like, honey?” asked the waitress to the pig doctor.

“Oh, oh! I’d like some pretzels, and some popcorn, and a Coca-Cola, and maybe some candy too.” replied the pig doctor.

“Coming right up! Sweetie!” said the waitress.

“How the hell did you get them to respond to you?” I asked the pig doctor.

“I just have a way with words.” replied the pig doctor.

“Oh, whatever you say, pal.” I replied.

The waitress then came over with all of the snacks the pig doctor had asked for.

“Oh boy, oh boy! Thank you!” said the pig doctor.

“I want you to do one thing: jump up in the air and land as hard as you can.” the waitress said.

“Oh, alright! I will!” replied the pig doctor.

The pig doctor jumped as high as he could, and then landed with tons of force. I suddenly felt the air plane lose altitude, I looked down and the jungle we were above was getting closer to us extremely fast. The plane was falling! Luckily the jungle is next to the North Pole, but the plane crash is still dangerous for us.

“Hahaha, look at what you did, fat piggy boy. That’s what happens when you snack.” the waitress said with her tongue sticking out.

The pig doctor started crying uncontrollably. I tried to cheer him up, but nothing was working. The only other thing I could think of to get him to stop crying was giving him the pack of Mentos that were in my pocket. I showed the Mentos to him, and he instantly grabbed them. The Mentos were gone in just a second.

“Aw, thank you.” the pig doctor said.

“You’re welcome. I hope you know I don’t blame you.” I replied.

The North Pole was on the other side of the jungle we were at. The plane had crashed and caught the jungle on fire. The pig doctor and I survived the crash, but not many others. I decided to give everyone a bit of life force back, just to bring them alive.

The pig doctor and I started traveling through the jungle that was lit ablaze. The smoke was making us cough, but we eventually found our way to the snow. We ate some of the snow for fun. Luckily, there were no dogs around to urinate on the snow.

At the North Pole, we looked around for hours, trying to find the third world ring. But eventually, we found it. The world ring was inside a locked cabin we broke the door down to. Inside the cabin was nothing but a ring box in the center of the room. The ring case contained a ring with a yellow diamond on it.

I now have three world rings, only one left to go.

Published Dec. 25th, 2021