The Unnamed Protagonist


Jakarta, Indonesia, July 21st, 2006. I needed to find the last world ring. The ring was located on a planet called Prism. My friend, the pig doctor, hasn’t been to planet prism before. He was eager when I told him about the trip we’d be making. Planet Prism used to be glistening with life, now it’s in ruins. I needed a way to get to planet prism, and luckily, I know of a guy who can help me. The guy is an alien, in fact, his name is Orb. It was just a matter of finding Orb’s base, then I can get flown to planet Prism.

I had a rough idea of what Orb’s base looked like. Orb’s base was giant, and had pyramids littered about. Orb’s base sat in the middle of a tundra if I recall correctly. I didn’t know where the tundra was located because I hadn’t been there for years. Last time I was at the tundra, I was fishing with Orb. I think I should ask the soda factory workers where the tundra was located.

I set foot out the door of my home, along with the pig doctor. With a set goal in mind, I waste no time. I was just inches away from having my own heaven. Once I get the four world rings, I can return them to some divine construction workers and get my heaven built. After that, I will consult Zeus of my achievement and become a god.

It was nighttime outside. I tried walking out without a coat but that was not feasible. I went back inside to put my coat on. But before I did that, I had to check the mail. Everything I took out of my mailbox looked like junk except for my bank statements.

Back in the house, I watched as a strange man walked into my bedroom. I followed the man into my bedroom and to my surprise, the man was cleaning the room.

“Why for me?” I asked.

“Oh, coffee mug, Mr. Eggplant. I hate screwdrivers, so do you.” replied the strange man.

The strange man pulled out a screwdriver and stabbed himself in the chest with it. Purple blood came spilling out that stained my carpet worse than red Kool-Aid. I had to stay back and clean up the purple blood mess and the body. But I had to dispose of the body where nobody would find it.

I decided to let the pig doctor eat the dead body of the strange man.

“Oh boy! Yummy!” squealed the pig doctor.

The pig doctor then ate the entire body, leaving nothing behind. Not even a speck of dust was left behind.

“Boy, you sure must’ve been hungry?” I asked the pig doctor.

“Well, yes, obviously.” replied the pig doctor.

I put on my coat and finally went back outside, after a long cleaning session. I had to use car battery acid to get the purple stain out of my carpet. I nearly burned myself with the caustic solution several times. Car battery acid is dangerous to handle.

Outside, the temperature didn’t hurt my skin as much because I was wearing a coat. The pig doctor on the other hand didn’t need a coat because of his high core temperature. I was not nearly as heavy as that pig. We then walked over to the soda factory.

At the soda factory, the pig doctor began shoving soda bottles down his throat. He was trying to steal soda for later. I told the pig doctor to knock it off, but he kept stealing soda. The factory workers instantly took notice of the pig doctor stealing sodas and kicked him out. Now it was just me in the factory.

“Do you know where the tundra is?” I asked the factory workers.

“Oh, it’s actually right behind this factory. Couldn’t you tell? Hahaha.” replied the factory workers.

I felt embarrassed. To be mocked like that hurt my heart. But, now I know where Orb will be. I leave the factory and walk behind it.

“Yep, there’s the pyramids.” I said to the pig doctor.

“Yay!” The pig doctor said while drinking the soda he stole from the soda factory.

We walked over to the pyramids where Orb greeted us.

“Hello, fellow earthling!” Orb exclaimed.

“Hello. Can you fly us over to planet Prism?” I asked.

“Sure thing, earthling.” replied Orb.

The pig doctor and I got on the spaceship and flew over to planet prism. Orb went out of the spaceship to take pictures of the ruins and I looked for the last world ring. A giant robot woke up from the ruins to greet us. I asked where the last world ring was, and the robot navigated me to it. I opened the box that held the ring. Inside the ring box, a ring with a green diamond.

I finally found all the world rings.

Published Dec. 25th, 2021