The Unnamed Protagonist


Dehradun, India, December 31st, 2000. I forgot where my heaven was located. Currently, I am stuck at an amusement park. The time is night and I keep hearing eerie piano music around me and babies laughing. I was fearful for my life, as any spooky creature could chase and kill me at any moment.

Suddenly, a green robot came out and started chasing me. I had a baseball bat with me, so I ran over to hit it in the face. The robot was stunned for a bit which gave me a chance to run away. The robot chased me with no mercy. I picked up an explosive barrel and threw it at the robot, but no damage was dealt.

I then ran into a room with a black star sitting in the middle of it.

“I love you.” The black star said.

I started feeling a gravitational force pulling me in towards the black star, so I ran back out of the room. Then, I bumped into the green robot, catching it by surprise and knocking it over. The robot being knocked over gave me a chance to escape.

I ran through the amusement park, looking for an exit but I couldn’t find one. I then ran into a castle with the door unlocked. Inside the castle was a computer room. I hopped into the computer’s monitor in hopes of hiding from the green robot. However, sirens went off in the room and the robot was alerted to my presence.

From inside the computer, I saw the green robot running towards the monitor. I ran and hid inside of the recycling bin. Luckily, the robot didn’t notice me run and hide. I then watched as the robot was searching for me, completely confused on where it was. I decided to be mean and throw a piece of paper at the robot. It instantly noticed me from all the way up on the recycling bin. The robot then started climbing the desktop icons.

Inside the recycling bin, I had access to the filesystem of the computer. I climbed into the downloads folder and waited as the robot looked for me again. This time however, the antivirus turned on.

“Caution, a virus has been detected.” I heard, with alarms sounding at the same time.

The computer thought the robot and I was a virus. An antivirus window popped up and sucked the robot and I in. The antivirus was painful to enter, but we didn’t die.

I was in a prison cell inside of the computer, along with the robot that was chasing me. The robot and I were both in the same cell. The robot immediately started to try and hit me, but I spoke up.

“Wait! We can bust out of this prison cell together!” I exclaimed.

“Okay. Send me the plan now.” the robot replied.

“You cut through the bars and then once they’re cut enough, I can break them with my baseball bat. Deal?” I told the robot.

“Plan does compute. Running cutter.exe.” the robot said.

I watched as the robot started cutting through the bars. Eventually, the robot’s saw started becoming dull, and that’s when I told the robot to stop. I grabbed my baseball out of my backpack and stretched my arms out for a while.

After I was done stretching my arms, I hit the bars with my baseball bat as hard as I could. The bars went flying and we were free. The robot then started chasing me again. I ran over to the restroom and flushed myself down into the toilet. I was surprisingly able to fit in the toilet.

I was now in the sewers; the robot had tried to do the same, but it failed. Then, I heard drilling coming from above me. It was the robot trying to drill down into the sewers to get ahold of me. I quickly ran through the sewers and found an exit via a pipe. I climbed into the pipe. The pipe was full of fresh water.

I fell out into an ocean while running out of the pipe. I saw a tornado cutting through the water and it was approaching me rapidly. I tried swimming away, but the tornado swept me up into the air. In the air, I was ascending rapidly. I had been thrown into the air by the ravaging tornado.

Suddenly, I found myself in the computer room again. I left the castle in peace, with no robot chasing me. But suddenly, a red robot came out of nowhere and grabbed me. I tried getting free but the robot wouldn’t budge, it was too stubborn. I was then brought into a dark room.

I was sitting down, with ropes tied around me and I reeked of gasoline. There was a candle underneath me. Luckily, my legs were free, so I kicked the candle over and it started burning the ground. Then, the ground underneath me rotated and I fell down into a dark hole. The fall knocked me out cold.

I woke up in a temple. But I recognized this temple. I was in my heaven again. Finally, I got my way back to my heaven. Gods should not forget where their heaven is located, and that’s the last time I’ll be making that mistake.

Published Dec. 26th, 2021