The Unnamed Protagonist


Prato, Italy, March 15th, 2009. I was trapped at a train station. I had originally come to the train station to use the restroom and get a snack for my brother. But suddenly, the doors locked and here I am, stuck in the train station now. I had tried kicking down the doors, but they were reinforced heavily.

I made my way over to the snack booth, ready to steal snacks because I had a feeling that we’d be trapped in this train station for a while. The clerk running the snack booth was an absent-minded robot who didn’t care about a thing in the world. I grabbed a whole bunch of snacks and stuffed them in my coat and left the snack booth.

In the restroom, I was with my brother. I dumped out all the snacks I stole onto the restroom floor, and we sat there and ate in one of the stalls. The floor underneath us turned into a pink liquid and the toilets melted. A vortex then formed in the pink liquid and sucked us through the toilet holes nearby us.

We were inside one of the lights in the train station. There were dead flies and bugs that littered the place but some of the insects were still alive. The insects that were still alive came to try and eat my brother and I, but I blasted them with fire. The insects then were swiftly burnt to crisps.

I then started melting the light’s plastic casing with my fire. My brother watched as the plastic started liquifying and then a hole formed. My brother and I jumped through the hole I made, while we instantly grew back to our original size.

Now that we were back to normal size, I walked around the train station, looking for any semblance of life other than the bugs that tried to eat me earlier. I then found a bouncy house full of partying people. I touched the plastic of the bouncy house, and it burned my skin badly. I then walked into the bouncy house only to be given rude looks by the people in there.

As I walked through the bouncy house, the bouncy house started expanding in size. Soon, the bouncy house was just barely squeezing inside of the train station. Then, the bouncy house popped loudly. The pop sound made my ears ring for a minute.

After holding my ears in pain for a minute, everyone that was in the bouncy house was mad at me. The people all started chasing me and I ran with my brother away from them. Soon, we realized how large the train station was.

We saw a hiding spot in another one of the train station’s rooms. We hid behind the benches from the people who were chasing us. After that, the crowd that was chasing us dispersed. It was a truly dangerous experience for my brother as he has never been through a situation like this.

We then got off the benches we were hiding at and started to explore the train station some more. We found water tanks full of crocodiles in them. I tried freeing them, but my brother advised me not to free the crocodiles. I then had to use the restroom badly. I walked over to a different restroom.

I used the restroom. The moment I flushed the toilet, instant noodles came pouring out. I was disgusted considering all of what I left didn’t flush. I then quickly plunged the toilet to see if anything was blocking the hole. Then, after plunging, the instant noodles were sucked back into the toilet. I then left the bathroom disgusted.

After leaving the bathroom, I noticed there was a bus stop inside of the train station. I went on the bus without having to pay any bus fare.

“Fasten your seatbelt!” exclaimed the driver.

Everyone on the bus put on their seatbelt except for me and my brother because we didn’t have a seatbelt on our seat. Then, suddenly, the bus started driving at light speed. The bus was about to crash into a train but then it clipped through the train, causing no damage at all. The bus then stopped and sent my brother and I flying.

As we flew through the window of the bus that abruptly stopped, we felt no pain. We then landed on a bunch of golden train tracks. We hurried off the train tracks and waited for a train to come. Then, a train made of gold came our way. It was the longest train I’ve ever seen. Then, we boarded the train.

On the train, we were offered snacks and sodas. We accepted the offers of snacks and sodas and enjoyed our train ride. My brother and I then fell asleep.

We woke up when the train stopped. The train had stopped right at my house which was convenient. I’m not stuck at the train station anymore.

Published Dec. 31st, 2021