The Unnamed Protagonist


Yumen, China, July 10th, 2007. I needed to get to the doctor of light so he could inspect a glowing apple I found on the ground in the woods. This apple was special in particular because it could potentially increase my god powers if I eat it. The type of apple I found is a called an apple of the gods. The downside to the apple of the gods is that if it’s not an actual apple of the gods, then I’ll lose some of my power. I will still get to keep my godhood though. This is why I need to go to the doctor of light, so the apple of the gods can be inspected, and I’ll know if it’s an apple of the gods or not.

While I was walking through the forest, I tripped on a rock. The rock had a button underneath it, so I pressed it and the entire sky turned a beautiful orange-yellow color. I then put the rock with the button in my backpack for later. The rock suddenly weighed down my backpack, so I had to put it back in its spot.

I then continued to walk, when I stumbled across a treehouse. I climbed up inside of the treehouse and saw a gaming console and a television. There was also a large fridge. I opened the fridge and took some snacks out for later.

“What the hell are you doing?” I heard from behind me.

A boy was standing right behind me.

“Oh, uh, nothing...” I replied embarrassingly.

“You were stealing, were you?” the boy asked.

“Um, no I wasn’t. You have no proof of it.” I replied.

“Let me see your backpack.” the boy replied.

I quivered and handed the boy my backpack.

“Huh, there’s nothing in here? Well, what the hell are you doing in my treehouse?” the boy asked.

I don’t remember there not being anything in my backpack. I then grabbed my backpack from the boy and looked inside. Absolutely nothing was in my backpack. Then, I saw a purple portal appear at the bottom of my backpack.

“Hey kid, wanna look at this cool portal?” I asked the boy.

“Sure.” the boy replied.

The boy then stuck his head in my backpack. I pushed the kid through the portal and then jumped into the portal myself. I was in oblivion for a small moment as I was travelling through the portal. I then saw the other side of the portal; our destination was another place in the forest.

“What the hell man!” the boy yelled.

“Wasn’t me.” I said as a shrugged.

“I don’t believe you.” the boy replied.

The boy and I then started walking around the forest. I pulled the apple of the gods out of my pocket and showed him it.

“Woah, that’s cool! May I take a bite out of it?” the boy asked.

“Not yet. I’ll share the apple of the gods with you once I get it examined by the doctor of light.” I replied.

“Oh, thank you for the willingness to share with me. Not many people do that for me on a regular basis.” the boy replied.

We then climbed up on the tree to find the doctor of light’s base. I saw the base in the horizon on a mountain. The base was made out of gold, and it had a giant statue of the light doctor standing right next to it.

“You see that?” I asked the boy.

“See what?” asked the boy.

“That’s the doctor of light’s base. See that golden base over there? I must get to there so I can have this apple of the gods inspected.” I replied.

“Oh okay, thank you.” replied the boy.

The boy and I then started walking on a path we found. Then, a purple robot jumped out of the bushes and startled the boy and I.

“What the hell!” I yelled.

“I reckon I know how to beat you.” the purple robot said, as it stared at me intently.

“Beat me in what?” I asked.

“In a game of beans. That’s the game.” the purple robot replied.

“Oh, sounds simple enough. I’m a master at that game.” I replied.

The purple robot then handed over a bag of jellybeans to me. The rules of the game were that whoever hits the opponent with the most green jellybeans wins. I then started throwing the jellybeans I was given at the robot. The robot and I were dodging the jellybeans left and right.

After the purple robot and I ran out of jellybeans, we talked about how many green jellybeans we hit. I hit the most green jellybeans, so I won.

“Now are you up for a game of fire?” the purple robot asked.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s a game where we blast each other with fire. Whoever gets exhausted first loses.” the purple robot replied.

“Oh, sounds easy enough. Lucky for me, I have pyrokinesis powers. Stay back, kid.” I replied.

The purple robot and I started blasting fire at each other. Eventually, I started getting tired, but the purple robot ran out of fuel before I gave up.

“Yes, I won again!” I exclaimed.

“Good job, now why are you in this here forest?” the purple robot asked.

“Oh, I need to see the doctor of light to get this apple of the gods scanned.” I replied.

“I see. I can fly the both of you over to the doctor of light’s base.” the purple robot replied.

“That would be amazing. Thank you.” I replied.

The boy and I then rode on the purple robot’s back. The purple robot flew right through the sky like butter. Then, we were at the doctor of light’s base.

“Thank you very much.” I told the purple robot.

“You’re welcome. Be sure to tell me if that’s an actual apple of the gods or not.” the purple robot replied.

“Oh, I will.” I replied.

I then walked inside of the doctor of light’s base.

The doctor of light’s base interior was painted white and there were many bright lights everywhere. I then walked into the doctor of light’s room to greet him when he suddenly walked out, hitting me in the face with the door.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t expecting visitors.” the doctor of light said.

“Oh, that’s fine. It was my bad for not knocking.” I replied.

I then handed the doctor of light my apple of the gods and he scanned it precisely.

“That’s an apple of the gods, alright.” the doctor of light said.

I then opened the apple into thirds. I gave the boy a third of the apple. I then walked out of the doctor of light’s base.

“It’s an apple of the gods. Here, have a slice.” I told the purple robot.

“Oh, thank you.” the purple robot replied.

After I ate my slice of the apple, I felt a lot more powerful. I finally tried a god apple for the first time.

Published Jan. 1st, 2022