The Unnamed Protagonist


Arnhem, Netherlands, May 7th, 2005. I needed to find my pet bulldozer. I got the bulldozer pet when I was a young child. Since then, I’ve had the pet bulldozer under my care and love. I’m afraid of what could happen to my bulldozer pet if someone gets ahold of it. Anyone could kill my pet bulldozer and use it for driving and bulldozing. If I can save my pet bulldozer in time, then maybe it won’t die to some lunatic pet killer.

I was at my house when a UFO came flying next to my window. I opened my window and looked out but didn’t find the UFO anywhere in the sky. I then went back over to my couch and bore witness to an alien walking into my house.

“Take me to your leader!” the alien exclaimed.

‘You want to see the person whose values I live by? Alright then.” I replied.

I have to take this alien over to the god graveyard to see the eyeball god’s heaven. The eyeball god died in peace a while ago, and from it, I received its power. The eyeball god is one of the reasons why I am a god now. And because I took the eyeball god’s power, I must live by its standards.

The god graveyard is located above a mountain. I could get to the mountain and easily fly the alien up to the god graveyard. The trip will be a long one through. I then walked outside with the alien and told it to follow me.

As the alien and I walked, the alien’s stomach started to rumble. I took the alien over to some blackberry bushes while I waited by a tree. I suddenly heard screaming coming from the blackberry bushes.

The alien had gotten itself caught by the blackberry bushes while it was eating berries. Then I watched as the blackberry bush pulled the alien closer to the center. I grabbed my pocketknife and started slashing the brambles of the blackberry bush. The alien was then freed due to my heroism.

“You shall get a medal!” the alien exclaimed.

“Thank you.” I replied.

The alien and I then started walking again. I noticed a dead frog on the side of the sidewalk, so I used my life force powers to bring it back to life. The frog then jumped onto my shoulder and whispered, “don’t listen to them.” in my ears. I was confused by what the frog said but continued to walk anyways.

After twenty minutes of walking, the alien and I found a parking lot. I decided it would be nice to rent one of the cars from someone in the parking lot and take the alien out for hopefully its first car ride. I then walked over to a person getting out of their car.

“Hey, may I rent your car for a day?” I asked the person getting out of their car.

“For how much?” the person asked.

“A thousand bucks, take it or leave it.” I replied.

“You made yourself a deelio!” the person replied.

I then grabbed the car keys from the person I rented the car from. I put the keys in the ignition and started the car. The alien sat in the passenger seat. Then, the alien started fidgeting out of pure ecstasy.

“Thank you for providing me with this wonderful experience! Experience shall not be forgotten!” exclaimed the alien.

I then started driving the car. The alien was moving about in joy while it had a large smile on its face. I then started putting the pedal to the metal and the car accelerated quickly. The alien’s smirk started growing even larger.

“Now, this is as fast as the vehicle can go.” I said to the alien.

“Understood. Mine goes faster.” the alien replied.

“That’s nice to hear, but do you like the car ride?” I asked the alien.

“I love the feeling of the wind on my skin.” replied the alien.

We then got over to the base of the mountain where I could fly up to get to the god graveyard. I decided we should walk, that way the alien gets more experience on earth. The alien and I then walked up the mountain, exploring the caves, observing nature. Then, we got close to the peak of the mountain.

“Are you ready for me to fly you up? Once we get to the peak of this mountain, grab onto my shoulders and I’ll fly you up to the god graveyard.” I said.

The alien shook its head in understanding and walked up to the peak of the mountain with me. I then let the alien grab onto my shoulders, and I started flying.

I was now at the god graveyard. I showed the alien the way over to the eyeball god’s heaven. I looked around at all of the divine doors leading to dead heavens, when I saw the evil Megastar’s door and tombstone. I stuck my tongue out at the tombstone and got back on track to the eyeball god’s divine door. I then got over to the door with the alien.

“Ready to see the eyeball god’s heaven?” I asked the alien.

“Yes. I am ready.” the alien replied.

I then opened the door and we entered the heaven of the eyeball god. The place was in ruins and there were no signs of life, except I saw my pet bulldozer. The alien went off to do its own thing while I reunited with my pet. I finally found my pet bulldozer.

Published Jan. 1st, 2022