The Unnamed Protagonist


Ulm, Germany, December 11th, 2008. The pool I was in had frozen over. I had no way out of the pool as I couldn’t use my pyrokinesis underwater. I then just gave up. I hate being trapped. Nobody was around to break the ice and help save me, so I was at a moment of certain death. I was going to drown in this pool and be sent to the god graveyard.

A tentacle grabbed me and pulled me through the pool wall. I was confused about this but then I passed out due to lack of oxygen. I struggled to stay away from the tentacle, but it was faster in the water than me. Thus, here I am now, passed out.

I woke up at another pool indoors. The pool looked awfully different from the pool I was at and the water had a slight green tint to it. I then swam into the water looking for an exit. There were two doors however, one had laughing, and the other had screaming. I decided to investigate the door that had screaming.

In the screaming door’s room was a birthday party with a whole bunch of people. I then went over and tapped on someone’s shoulder, but they fell as they were a cardboard display. I then walked to the back of the room only to reveal that everyone there was a cardboard display. I then put my finger in the cake to try it and I felt needles poking me. I then dug through the take to reveal a bunch of needles filled with root beer. I started hearing the words “Inject yourself” coming from around my head at different angles. I swatted the air in confusion. I then exited the screaming room.

I started hearing “You’ll die alone” coming from directly behind me. I quickly looked behind only to see the air and nothing else. Confused, I walked into the room that had the laughing sounds. I hoped there would be a more pleasant experience in the room with laughter.

As I walked into the room with laughter, I noticed a deep hallway full of water with laughter sounds at the end of it. I walked down the hall, with the eerie laughter sounds starting to freak me out. I then got close to the exit when suddenly, the same tentacle from before grabbed me. I was pulled into a drain and knocked out again.

I woke up inside of an ice cream truck underwater. I tried opening the doors, but I was locked. Trying to enjoy the rest of my life, I opened the back and grabbed an ice cream. I then opened the ice cream and started eating it. I then looked at the cone and had a brilliant idea, and that was to use the cone to unlock the door. I then shoved the cone in the keyhole and the door pushed open. I quickly swam out of the ice cream truck.

I looked around as I swam at the surface of the water. The horizon was incredibly dark, and water flooded the lands I was in. I then swam over to a hill to sit down and rest on. I kept hearing “You’ll die alone. I love you.” coming from around me, but there was nobody there to speak to me.

I then started getting back to swimming. I saw a lighthouse appear out of thin air, so I decided to go swimming over there. I then watched as a bus started driving through the water. I swam onto the bus and let it drive me over to the lighthouse.

As the bus was taking me to the lighthouse, I saw tentacles come up from around the bus and try to grab me. I avoided the tentacles and eventually got to the lighthouse where the bus dropped me off. The lighthouse immediately shined a bright light on my face. I was then sucked in by the light.

I was now inside the lighthouse. There was a walking lobster who greeted me.

“Thanks for the hospitality” I said.

“Yer welcome, not a problem mate.” the walking lobster replied.

“How do I get out of this pool?” I asked.

“Oh, just go all the way down to the basement and then enter the double doors you see.” the walking lobster replied.

I then started to walk down the lighthouse. The rooms were extremely dark and had floating jellyfish. I had to avoid the jellyfish tentacles otherwise I’d be stung. I then finally got down to the basement of the lighthouse.

In the basement was a whole bunch of wine. I took a few of the bottles and placed them in my backpack. Then, alarms sounded.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” shouted the walking lobster.

“I was just leaving.” I replied.

“This is how you treat someone who provides you with hospitality?” the walking lobster asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I replied embarrassed.

“Nah, I’m just joking with yeh. I let anyone take wine from my basement.” the walking lobster said.

“Oh, thank you very much.” I replied.

I then left the basement through the double doors. Apparently, I had walked out of the janitorial closet. Thankfully, I’m not trapped under the ice anymore.

Published Jan. 2nd, 2022