The Unnamed Protagonist


Alwar, India, February 20th, 2000. My brother was captured by a bunch of space pirates. I don’t know what the space pirates want from my brother, but I have to go save him. Failure to comply with space pirates usually results in the death of the person who was captured. I can’t let my brother die. I could revive my brother using my life force power, but I run the risk of getting killed by the pirates for doing that. Whatever those pirates want from my brother, they will not get it because of me.

I ran out of my house, car keys in hand, lost in the moment. I knew where the space pirates are but it’s a long and tricky journey to get there. I then jumped inside of my car and put the keys in the ignition. But my car wouldn’t start up, so I punched the airbag and it started working.

I was on the road; I didn’t have much time to waste. I had to travel through a corn maze first. The corn maze was at a local farm of mine. I then got to the farm with no time to waste.

At the farm, I started trying to remember what exact way I had to go to get through the corn maze. Then, I finally remembered. I ran through the corn maze as quickly as I could, ignoring all of the hornet stings I was receiving.

I then got through the corn maze. The next place I had to traverse through was an evil arcade full of punks. The punks were very vicious in that they’ll take any opportunity to cause any travelers harm. I then ran over to the evil arcade, not caring about a single thing in the world except for my brother. I started hearing "Stop caring for him, love me. I love you so much." coming from all around my head. In confusion, I tripped and fell, scraping my knee a bit.

I was now in the arcade.

“Lookie, lookie who came back.” one of the kids said in an arrogant voice.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt any of you. It’s not my way.” I replied.

“Get ‘em!” one of the kids shouted.

All of the kids started chasing after me. I ran and hid in the restroom from the kids. Then, I saw shoes patrolling the restroom. I was hiding in one of the stalls.

After five minutes of waiting, I noticed one of kids take their shoes off and leave. It was my chance to escape. They tried pulling the oldest trick in the book on me but I’m too old to fall for that trick. I then opened the stall door only to find that the kids had left the arcade and the place had been closed down quicker than I had imagined it to.

With the lights turned off, I traveled through the arcade, touching and feeling the environment to help me navigate. I then found the back door to the arcade. The back door of the arcade leads to a barnyard where I can be transported up into space. I then left the arcade.

At the barnyard, you had to beat a zombie in a dancing competition to travel to outer space. Luckily, I remember my dance lessons from the god of dancing. I then confronted the zombie and asked for a dance battle. I swung my arms from side to side and took one step and then again. The crowd cheered for me the most. The zombie on the other hand, started crying because it lost. I told the zombie where to go meet the god of dancing so it can improve its skills. The zombie ran over and hugged me with joy. I was then transported into outer space.

The planet I was transported to was cold. I know I'm on the planet that my brother is being held captive on because I’ve heard stories from people who have been captured here before. I then quickly ran over to the other side of the planet. There was a large mountain I had to climb to get to my brother.

“I’m coming to save you!” I shouted into the distance.

I then ran up the mountain, almost tripping several times because of how fast I was running. I then got to flying distance of the top. After flying up, one of the pirates shot a bullet at me and missed.

“Spare the heroics, dude.” one of the pirates shouted.

I then flew over to the pirates, blasting them with fire. Just as I was about to blast the last pirate with fire, he just barely missed my brother with his bullet. I then flew over and burnt the last pirate to a crisp.

“Now let’s go home.” I said.

My brother and I were transported back to the barnyard. The zombie told us that it remembered seeing my little brother get taken there and that the pirates also won the dance competition. I’m just glad my brother is safe now.

Published Jan. 2nd, 2022