The Unnamed Protagonist


Tema, Ghana, December 11th, 2001. The angels from the heaven I’m in are after me. Angels are supposed to be good, but they aren’t when they talk a funny way and signal facial expressions at me. The facial expressions the angels made told me that they’re against me. Thus, I need to escape this heaven. I don’t want to be conspired against so I might kill the angels later. I have no time to lose to escape, otherwise they might poison me the next time I eat here.

While looking at the angel’s face, my mind was racing. All I could hear was “they’re going to poison you” and “get out of here while you still can”. I grabbed my backpack and started running. The angels started to fly towards me. I picked up rocks and threw them at the angels. Then, the angels started calling the police on me. I then booked it.

I saw a police car headed straight towards the general vicinity. “I love you, please don’t get arrested you loser.” I heard. Confused, I jumped into the bushes to hide. The police dog sniffed me out immediately from my scent. I haven’t showered for days so the dogs thought I was fresh meat. The police are going to kill me by poisoning my prison food, I know it.

I was swiftly cuffed and thrown in the back of the police car.

“Now why did you think throwing rocks at people was okay?” the driver of the police car asked.

“They’re after me. Not the other way around. You got the story all wrong. I don’t want to be in this heaven. I was trying to escape.” I replied.

“Well, you’re going to be staying here for a good while until you’ve learned your lesson.” the driver replied.

What lesson was there for me to learn? Did I do anything to deserve punishment? Everyone hates me and I know it, everyone is out for me. I then tried punching out the windows, but it didn’t work.

“That glass is god-proof, sorry Bucko.” the driver said.

They already hate me. I’m going to have a bad experience in prison. I then started squirming around, trying to fake a seizure. The faking of a seizure worked because the police stopped the car and called an ambulance. I had to keep faking the seizure. “You suck at this. Worst god ever. Don’t you like being in trouble?” I kept hearing from around my head.

An ambulance came to pick me up. Inside the ambulance was a clown with a bright red face.

“What seems to be th- I hate you. You should end yourself. You’re worthless and nothing but a piece of rubbish.” the clown said.

I wondered what the clown was trying to say before his slurry of insults started. I was so confused by the situation I screamed loudly.

“Something’s not right with this man.” the clown said.

I stopped faking a seizure and the clown laughed at me harder than I’ve ever seen someone laugh before. I then got up and tried talking to the clown, but he ignored me. I then tried falling asleep, but I barely kept my eyes open out of distrust of the clown. The clown was getting ready to inject me at any moment.

I was now at a hospital. My thoughts were racing too fast for me to even speak properly. I spit out a word salad in frustration. Nobody understood me and it was making me upset. Everyone at the hospital seemed to hate me.

I then laid down in the room I was given. I heard “I love you so much” coming out from behind the curtains. I then got up to look behind the curtains. There was nobody behind the curtains. I started to cry and scream out of frustration. Then, the doctors were immediately alerted to my screaming and came in.

“Lay down idiot.” is all I could hear being chanted at me. The doctor’s lips weren’t moving according to what was being said which confused me even more. I then asked the doctors to stop talking and they did. They stopped and I laid down, confused. I fell asleep.

After an hour of sleeping, I woke up. I was offered orange juice and cookies by the doctors. I took a drink of the orange juice and immediately spit it out, getting it all over my clothing. I heard “good choice” come from behind my head. I then refused the offer of cookies and orange juice. After the refusal, I heard “they’ll try harder next time”.

I was now stuck at the hospital for no reason. At least I wasn’t being thrown in prison, but I don’t want to be in this hospital now. Here I am, still not having escaped from the heaven.

Published Jan. 3rd, 2022