The Unnamed Protagonist


Leon, Mexico, April 17th, 2007. I was trapped in a pencil box called “Little Planet”. Little Planet was essentially an actual planet, with civilization, forests, and a whole bunch of other lands; just inside a pencil box. However, an evil genius took over Little Planet and blocked my only way out. The only way I can get myself out of Little Planet is if I defeat the evil genius in battle. The evil genius’ base was on a mountain in the middle of nowhere on Little Planet.

I tried pulling the gates to exit Little Planet open, but I couldn’t. I heard “you’re worthless” and then I started banging my head on the gate out of anger due to hearing that. My head hurt badly from me banging my head on the gate, and I had to go rest for a while. I decided to go stay at a hotel because I didn’t actually have a place to stay on Little Planet. I for sure had to beat the evil genius just to escape.

At the hotel, I got to enjoy a nice slumber. After that slumber, I went to go get breakfast. There were space aliens flooding the breakfast room. When I got to the breakfast food, there was almost nothing left. It’s almost as if those space aliens are really just pigs in disguise because of how much they ate. I constantly heard belching which made me jealous as I didn’t get to eat much but the space aliens got to eat a lot of food. I then decided it would be best just to get my own food at the grocery store.

At the grocery store, I went through the aisles looking for some sushi to eat. I then found a bunch of California rolls on a tray. I grabbed the tray and went up to the counter to pay for it. But then, the cashier grabbed some of the rolls and ate them.

“I’m not paying for that.” I told the cashier.

“Yes you are, or else you’re being arrested.” the cashier replied.

“Fine, damn it.” I replied.

I then purchased the California rolls and ate what was left of them. Luckily, my appetite was satisfied, and I didn’t need to eat anymore. My next stop is the evil genius’ base, where I can beat him and escape Little Planet.

The evil genius’ base was a tough journey to get to as the mountain it’s located on has many traps and is the largest mountain on Little Planet. There are many layers to the mountain, each with unique scenery, traps, and civilization adapted to living around those traps. The mountain appeared to be gold from a distance as well.

At the base of the mountain was a whole bunch of bear traps. I was almost snagged a few times, but I was able to move my legs out of the trap quick enough as to not get clamped on by the bear trap. I then started watching as small villagers from a village came out of their houses to wave at me. I waved back at them. “They walked out to distract you. They want you dead. Run immediately.” I heard. I then started running out of fear of the villagers. I accidentally got caught by a bear trap. The pain I felt was immeasurable. I then passed out from the pain.

I woke up in a villager’s house. I was being spoon-fed medicine as I watched a villager pull the bear trap from my leg. “They’re going to poison you and then eat your dead body. There’s blood on the walls.” I looked around and saw no blood on the walls. In fear, I burned the village building I was in down. Then, I saw eyeballs staring at me in the sky.

I then ran up the mountain, getting constantly hit by traps. I was in a lot of pain. I then found trees with golden coins for leaves on it. I took some of the gold coins and put them in my backpack. After that, I realized I was almost at the top of the mountain.

The top of the mountain was freezing and had a cool breeze. I was starting to shiver but I eventually got to the evil genius’ base. I then walked in and challenged the evil genius to a duel.

“So you think you can beat me? Ha, not a chance.” the evil genius replied.

“Oh yeah, yes I can.” I replied.

The evil genius then brought out a slot machine and told me to put a few coins in. I then put some coins into the slot machine. The doctor told me that if it lands on three sevens, I win.

The wheels spun, I almost lost but luckily on my last coin, I rolled three sevens. Then, the evil genius’ base started erupting. One explosion hit me so hard that it flung me over to the gate I was at earlier. The gates had opened. I finally escaped Little Planet.

Published Jan. 4th, 2022