The Unnamed Protagonist


Hofu, Japan, July 16th, 2009. I need to procure a gun. I need the weapon to renew my sanity. The gun shall ease the anguish I’ve built. The gun shall be a relief. I shall finally be at peace. Once I get the gun, I can finally leave the planet in peace. I am dead tired of my mortal form and I must ascend. The voices will finally be gone.

The gun shop was miles away from me and I can't fly there because I'm too tired to do so. I then got into my car and started driving on the road. The road was icy and slick, so it will be hard to drive. I know I will make it there anyways. I then started hearing "you'll die on the road like the loser you are." my mind quickly changed to agree with what I heard.

I started driving on the road sad. The weather was raining which was making the ice more slippery. I then almost crashed into another car while distracted. I also almost drove through a red light due to my distraction. I pulled a coffee out of my backpack and started drinking it. Hopefully the coffee will help me focus, if not, I'll be fine dead.

I now have to cross through a field of chickens and pigs. The pigs didn't mind my presence but the chickens did. I was scratched and pecked at but I deserve the pain. I then sunk through the soil into another area.

The area I'm in now is full of corn and metal rods. I have to build a staircase with the metal rods to get up to the door that takes me closer to the gun shop. There were glue bottles scattered about that I could use to make the metal rods stick to each other.

After fifteen minutes of assembly, the stairs were finally complete. I then walked up the stairs into the next area.

The next area was extremely hot. I had to cross a moat of lava using a log. I then walked across the log, almost falling into the lava several times. I was sweating while I was crossing the log due to how hot the area was. As I walked across I kept hearing "you'll die alone, miserably, and painfully. I love you so much". I tried not to focus on the voices as I was crossing. I eventually made it to the end of the log.

I'm now at the gun shop. I grabbed one of the guns of the shelf and took it up to the store clerk. I had to pay thousands of dollars for it but it'll be worth it. I now have the gun and can finally be at peace. Suddenly, I watched as a lightning bolt hit the ground. Zeus had come over to stop me. Zeus grabbed my gun and flew off with it.

After a minute of trying to understand what just happened, I realized that Zeus is trying to stop me. Zeus hates me now. I immediately regained my energy to fly. I then started flying after Zeus, blasting the air with fire. Zeus started shooting lightning at me when I was flying. I was hit a few times and it burned badly.

After twenty minutes of flying, a record for me, I was now at Zeus' heaven.

"Give me my gun back!" I yelled.

"No, it's for your own good." Zeus yelled back.

I then walked into Zeus' temple and watched as he zapped the floor beneath me with lightning.

"Begone". Zeus shouted.

"I will get my gun back." I replied.

I then flew over quickly and grabbed the gun. The look on Zeus' face was furious. I kept hearing "Zeus hates you, only I love you" repeatedly. Zeus then started flying towards me at rapid speeds.

Zeus' body hit mine extremely hard, knocking the gun out of my hands. Zeus then flew underneath me to grab the gun. I then flew over and did the same to Zeus, taking the gun afterwards. I then started flying back to my home as fast as I could, but Zeus was rapidly approaching. I then started maneuvering in the sky like I had learned from the Blue Angels show.

"Please don't." Zeus shouted.

"Oh yes I will." I replied.

I then flew back home quickly. Zeus was on my tail but he lost me as I hid in the bushes. I then snuck into my house and placed the gun on the kitchen table.

"Oh come out, come out, wherever you are!" Zeus exclaimed.

I then closed the curtains, in hope that Zeus would not look into my building. I then hid in my bedroom, and closed the curtains in there too. I made sure not to even make a single peep as to alert Zeus to my location.

I finally have a gun to bring myself to peace with.

Published Jan. 4th, 2022